My photos are more ordinary than ordinary photos.
I like to make simple snapshots of everyday life. People, surfaces, and views, which don’t ordinarily draw attention to themselves. Like fresh air or pure water, I strive to make images that have no flavour. Like the snap of excited fingers when inspiration hits, I try to capture what the body feels in those moments.  
In the style of a diarist, I document selected components of a city, but when photographed, the city is remediated by the camera towards an expanded visuality. The camera viewfinder fragments reality and becomes a window to something that was previously undefined by conventional perceptual habits. The resulting photographs aim for a subtle confrontation with society and expresses a subjective visual reality. 
The beauty I’m interested in is found in situational moments; it is fleeting and cannot be easily repeated or planned too much in advance. This aesthetic usually isn't shinny or ideal, but rather, has the impressions of time and fragile stories left behind in the physical materials of reality. 
✌︎ Daniel Rose (b.1979) has a Bachelor of Design and Master of Fine Arts (1st class honours). He is based in Wellington, New Zealand, and China where he teaches visual culture and lens-based media.